Fun Feed Stickers

20 Illustrated stickers tocelebrate heroic acheivements, special events and good behaviour. We,ve filled in some of the stickers and left the rest free for you to complete yourself in felt tip or ballpoint. Use the TalkingPEN to record messages onto the stickers. It could be praise for a good piece of work or a birthday message. Why not ask parents to record messages for children to hear at the touch of the pen.

Row Your Boat

Toddlers and babies love this well known action rhyme and now it is available in dual language and with the TalkingPEN. Hear the rhyme in your home language or record yourself and your child singing together page by page. Annie Kubler’s illustrations celebrate the diversity of all children as they play along with the interactive text.

Farmer Duck

There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy farmer. While the duck worked, the farmer lay  in bed - until one day the other animals decided to take action! Listen to the animals each making their own noises in the TalkingPEN narration. Can you make those noises too?
This is a wonderful story with an important message about sharing and helping each other.

Listen, Listen

Learn about the seasons and discover sights and sounds of nature - from summer's sizzling sun to winter's crunching snow. Children can hear authentic environmental sounds, from insects and birds to wind and rain. With the TalkingPEN, children can listen to rhymes, learn useful facts and play interactive games. They can also record themselves, save and playback, page by page. Ideal for early stages of phonics and packed with hours of learning and fun.


Goose Fables

 Two well known fables in one book wittily retold. Aesop’s ‘The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg’, set in a Europe of times gone by, explores humankind’s greed. By contrast, in the Buddhist ‘Tortoise and the Geese’, can the tortoise stop talking long enough to fly south with his friends the Geese Brothers?

The Musicians of Bremen

 Four old animals who are no longer wanted by their owners decide to go to Bremen to beccome musicians.  On their way they find a ramshackle house and they decide to sing for their supper with the most unexpected result. You can play interactive games and listen to key words with the TalkingPEN. You and your children can even record yourselves and then save and play back page by page. This story is rich with sounds and dialogue to listen to again and again.


 Goldilocks walks through the woods until she arrives at the bears' house and sees three steaming bowls of  porridge. Will she heed the warning of the friendly mouse?
You can play interactive games and listen to key words with the RecorderPEN. You and your children can even record yourselves and then save and play back page by page. Ideal for developing language skills: listening, reading and creative story telling.

Brmmm! Let’s Go!

Children from around the world introduce the different forms of transport that they use. Take a train ride in India with Arpan or a taxi ride through London with Lizzie.

This colourful, action-packed book is brought to life with lively narrations and the sounds of the various forms of transport used on the RecorderPEN.
Children will love recording their experiences of travelling onto the pages and playing the interactive game at the end.

Marek and Alice’s Christmas

Use the RecorderPEN to explore a child’s Christmas in Poland. Listen to the sounds and hear the story. Then  make your own recordings on each soundspot. What would Alice say next? Can you sing the Christmas songs as well as Marek?  Explore the activities on the interactive Advent Calendar and follow the recipe to make your own Christmas Cookies.

Li’s Chinese New Year

It’s nearly New Year and Li can’t decide which animal he’s going to be in the special school assembly. Will he be a fierce tiger or a strong ox? And what year will his new cousin be born in?
Find each of the 12 zodiac animals on your way through the story and discover facts and activities relating to the festival at the back of the book. Why not use the TalkingPEN to add sounds to all the zodiac animals?
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