Samira’s Eid

The first sighting of the new moon starts a day of celebration for Samira and her family. The Ramadan fast is over and now it is time for prayers and presents. A surprise visitor brings a mysterious present and has an unusual story to tell.
Packed with activities and information, this is a fantastic reference tool for exploring this world festival.Why not retell the story in your own way? You can add as much detail as you like to each page. Use words to create an alternative background to the pictures, making your very own audio environment. Then let children do the same. This is a fantastic way to develop children’s understanding of the festival and to stimulate their story-telling ability.

Deepak's Diwali

 It's the worst Diwali ever! Dad has forgotten the sparklers, the fairylights are broken and, after hearing the story of Rama and Sita, Deepak is sure that Ravana the demon king is after him…

Use the TalklingPEN to hear the story read aloud in different languages. You can then record yourself singing, role-playing or retelling the story. Make the book your own by capturing your Diwali. Then record the voices of all the characters in your own way. Why not add your own songs to the soundspots on each page so that children can listen to the music as you read them the story.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three billy goats want to cross the bridge to eat the lush green grass. A mean and nasty Troll lives under the bridge and wants to eat them.   Will they cross the bridge or will the troll get them first....

You can play interactive games and listen to key words with the RecorderPEN. You and your children can even record yourselves and then save and play back page by page. Ideal for developing language skills - listening, reading and creative story telling.
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