Pen Technology

TalkingPEN is a revolutionary learning technology which significantly increases children’s learning speed. Bring sound to paper, make paper “speak” and you have a simple multimedia creative experience that inspires and excites children and adults. A new development is that now, for the first time in the world, you can play back your own recordings when TalkingPEN touches paper in a book, poster or even a sticky label!

Touch any page and listen to yourself speak or sing or playing an instrument or hearing your loved ones. Open a book, touch a page and hear professional narrators re-tell the story in a huge number of languages. Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Panjabi, Japanese, Chinese, French…one book can be heard in 26 languages!

What’s more, TalkingPEN has gaming functionalities. Answer multiple choice questions, quizzes, and share your recordings with friends by transferring them via email.

 TalkingPEN is used in UK, USA, Australia – in education, in gaming and even as a labelling device. For the blind and partially sighted, for the student trying to acquire another language, for the elderly recalling memories and in UK, for birdwatching.

“The possibilities are endless.” Please see the news section of this website to see how teachers have put the pens into creative uses.

 There are several models in the TalkingPEN range to suite all ages and ergonomics:

 “The RecorderPEN and PENpal are for children aged 4 to 9yrs. These are child-friendly pens that run on 2 AAA batteries. Switch on and start! Easy!