Garden Birds

 An easy way to identify garden birds - simply touch the song, call or info button with the RecorderPEN and then the bird you want to learn about.



Environment Packs

 Six colourful friezes, each with simple information and games to help develop an early interest in Science and how things work. Great for group work or on the wall as attractive displays. 

Tailor each frieze by recordings relevant information onto every sound spot.

Complete packs of 6 friezes:

  1. Hatching Frieze.
  2. Growing a Sunflower Frieze.
  3. Tadpoles Friezes.
  4. Under the Sea Frieze.
  5. Flower Frieze.
  6. Animals Under Ground Frieze.

Talking Phonics Pack

This beautifully illustrated resource is packed with sounds, songs and games, all designedto support practitioners and parents when teaching the very earliest stages of reading and listening. The TalkingPEN gives instant access to a huge range of sounds; children will love exploring the charts and cards, while developing their sound discrimination skills. Children are encouraged to make their own recordings, listening to sounds and then recording their own versions.

The pack is designed to support children aged three to five in the first phase of the Government’s phonics guidance document, Letters and Sounds. It is an exciting way of bringing alive the development of early phonics and reading skills. The pack provides guidance for teachers and parents. It is suitable for any child learning the essentials of sound discrimination; the technology is appealing to children of all ages and abilities, perfect for children with Special Educational Needs



The pack includes:

  • 8 charts
  • 6 game boards
  • 36 flashcards • 2 Talking books
  • 1 set of recordable labels
  • puppet
  • 16-page guidance booklet

Talking Phonics has just won the gold award at the UK's Practical Pre-School Awards
The testers said: "Outstanding product. It can be used in large or small groups, or by a single child. It includes lovely stories and fantastic games. The childrn were fully involved with this product and showed 100% interest; the sound cards being the most popular component. The talking stickers with voice recording can be placed on any book to aid the children when they are struggling. It meets all areas of the EYFS; the resources allow you to exten this learning further and further. With ECAT being introduced to childcare this year, Talking Phonics is a fantastic pack to own."



Talking Stickers

Making recordings with sticky labels is a revolutionary way to customise your own audio print resources easily and quickly. Make your posters, books, flash cards – any learning resource you like – come to life with sound. You can also share your recordings with as many people as you like! Teachers and children can record hours of audio content onto the TalkingPEN’s memory and share their recordings with others easily through the usb cable. The recordings are linked to Talking Stickers which can be fixed to reports, mindmaps, drawings, photographs, posters, toys... This is a fantastic way for teachers to develop differentiated resources tailored specifically to their pupils’ needs. It is also a fun way for children to build confidence in storytelling and speaking. Children can listen back to their own voices instantly and assess their progress. Recordings can be made in any language to create multi-lingual resources. Record directly onto each sticker. Once you've finished one set simply move onto the next.

There are over 4000 stickers so far, spread across 8 sets.

Set A: 381 stickers (54 large squares -- 2.9cm x 2.9cm; 54 large circles -- 2.9cm diameter; 273 small circles -- 1.1cm diameter)

Set B: 381 stickers (54 large squares -- 2.9cm x 2.9cm; 54 large circles -- 2.9cm diameter; 273 small circles -- 1.1cm diameter)

Sets C to H: 418 stickers (54 large squares -- 2.9cm x 2.9cm; 364 small circles -- 1.1cm diameter)

The Talking Stickers Resource was finalist at the international technology in education fair, BETT 2010 & won the Education Resources Award 2010.

Literacy Toolkit

TalkingPen KS2 Literacy Toolkit, is a groundbreaking audio-visual powerhouse full of ideas and resources for creative writing. The  Toolkit with its highly visual charts, planning frames and task cards, has unique TalkingPen interactivity to engage and inspire all children to become storytellers.
The TalkingPEN allows for minimal text on the printed page, but with the extensive teaching content that can be heard in English and other languages, children can access guides and tips to help them gain confidence in planning and writing their own stories. Interactive hotspots act as prompts and powerful memory-joggers for pupils during individual and group work. Pupils will find the interactive visual and aural content inspiring, accessible and fun. Stimulating activities extend vocabulary and improve language skills.
Matched to the KS2 curriculum, the Literacy Toolkit consists of:
• a Story Mountain
• a Book Review Guide
• 36 Task Cards for fiction analysis and interpretation
• 6 Non-Fiction Genre Charts and Planning Frames
• an Analysis tool of KS2 texts: Ellie’s Secret Diary, Journey through Islamic Arts, myths and folk tales
The multimodal approach, together with the kinaesthetic nature of the resources, suits different learning styles. Each literacy resource has differentiation at two levels to support pupils over a wide range of ability.

Interactive Science Posters

This pack includes 20 colourful, interactive, laminated A3 posters full of information and interactive games to support the learning of science. Key concepts in biology, chemistry and physics are explained and reinforced. The pack also includes a chart with in-depth explanations of complicated scientific terms that can be heard at the touch of the RecorderPEN.
The 4 Science Investigation Posters explore the full cycle of scientific investigation, from planning, manipulating data, evaluation to
writing up results, giving instructions and definitions. Children can record answers and ideas into the charts.
 You can record onto any of the many soundspots on each poster, to create your own layers of information. This is an ideal way to create your own science resources to suit the needs of your children. You can also share your recordings with other parents or teachers. Just upload them to your computer and then download them onto another pen.
 There are 2 CD Roms with detailed interactive animations which bring science to life. Find engaging questions and activities including drag and drop, text fill and multiple choice – ideal to test understanding and for revision.



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