Collaborative Learning : Geography Activities

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The Fossils Speak

Description: This activity was developed taking the students’ interest and knowledge about one topic, namely dinosaurs, to introduce knowledge in a new topic on tectonic plates.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to use map co-ordinates, gain an understanding of the movement of tectonic plates and climate.

Transport Information

Description: There are many different modes of transport and this game takes, as its basis, some of the more common ones. It encourages children to work collaboratively to gain and share descriptions of the various modes of transport to complete their transport cards. You may have other forms of transport that you wish to include.

Learning Outcomes: Children will be able to describe different modes of transport.


Weather (Connect Four Game)

Description: The Weather is a topic of interest the world over, especially with he effects of climate change. We have devised this activity for children to explore just how the different types of weather impact our lives. If you add different weather cards please send them to the address below for expanding our library.

Learning Outcomes: Children will be able to identify and describe the effects that the different kinds of weather have.



Description: The aim of this activity is to allow students to understand the recurring theme of migration throughout human history. By focusing on the reasons for migration students will develop a greater understanding of the particular circumstances of refugees.
If you have found other reasons or personal histories you can adapt these games to include them.

Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate a greater understanding of the reasons why people migrate.

Continental Drift

Description: This activity was developed to extend students knowledge of continents and also their referencing and atlas reading skills.


Learning Outcomes: Students will gain knowledge of continents, referencing skills and atlas reading.